Make a Crow Bead Necklace

Follow along here as I show you how to choose the right amount of beads to make a great looking
necklace that will last for many years.

Craft beading has been popular for many years. Whether it’s loom or stringing beads, craft beading
has been a favorite of many people for a long time. Let’s take a look at the different ways to get started.
If you want to make necklaces or just string some beads together and make a necklace for yourself,
then these tips may help.

I would look on the net for crow beads to start. These are larger beads and usually with a larger hole
to add the string. This is a common beading method that will make something that looks good and gives
a sense of satisfaction in a short amount of time. You can make and wear the finished product in the
same day.

Materials list is simple, artificial sinew or waxed thread, and crow beads. I would say that the beads of
the Czech variety or even French crow beads will yield a good looking product.

I usually double up my thread if possible to make for a strong cord to string the beads on.
A needle is not usually needed to string the beads, but I have used a doll needle for stringing beads
for sale. I use a long platter style bowl to dump the beads in when I string crow beads for sale, and
you can use the same method to string them for wearing. Crow beads are usually sold by the string
100 beads to a string for about $3.00 to $4.00 each. This is a good price range to find the needed colors
you are looking for. I used to sell standard opaque and transparent crow beads for this price. If you
want something called a whiteheart, then the price will be slightly higher. About $5.00 to $7.00 a string.

My estimate will be about 150 beads to get the length needed to wear. You can mix and match colors
to your liking. I also suggest looking at tube beads and metal beads like brass for a really nice looking
string. Some people like to use a “center” bead of a larger variety to accent the string. I have used
chevron beads for this effect. You can buy reproduction chevrons for less money than old originals,
but that’s up to you and your budget. The originals are usually a much higher price.

So to recap. Look for Czech and French crow beads. Try India glass beads for reproduction chevrons,
they make a nice bead at not much money. The India glass dealers also have selections of crow beads.
You have to look for the different types they offer. Look for a heavy beading cord or artificial sinew, this
has many uses. There are many dealers on the net that offer a nice catalog. I would look for those that do,
you will be able to shop from your home and either order directly from the catalog via phone, or order
from their website.